No gigs I’m afraid.  For gigs to happen there needs to be a band and there isn’t one.  One old geezer on stage with a laptop isn’t going to do it for anyone.


Nobody’s interested in what I had for breakfast so News will be for things that are er, new.  This will be album releases and anything that may actually be important.  

October 17 - The first of the ambient albums to be finished is Final Breaths.  Available from iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and all the other usual outlets including Bandcamp.

October 17 - the second album to be finished, Equality Of The Earth  is being distributed by CD Baby and is now available from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc.

November 17 - finally got round to updating this site.  It doesn’t happen too often, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.

February 18 - the third album  Gently Through The Fog is now finished.  Only available through Bandcamp at the moment.


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